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Adrasan, which is one of the most beautiful holiday regions of Turkey, has started to attract attention recently. Adrasan, which attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists not only with its sea but also with its history and nature, is surrounded by pine trees. This being the case, while the beauty of the forests stands out, it has also become one of the most tourist-attracting towns of Antalya. The beach of this region, also known as Çavuşköy, is also famous. With a bay length of 2 km, Adrasan is 95 km away from the center of Antalya. You can reach Adrasan, which was a town in 1996, via Kemer, which is the closest district.
You can spend a unique time in citrus groves, orange trees, lush forests and bays while experiencing the sea and the blue together in Adrasan, which is connected to the Kumluca district of Antalya. In this town, where the holiday season lasts for a long time, there is an underwater visibility of about 30 meters thanks to the clarity of the water. Just across this town, which resembles a long beach, is Mount Musa. In the first part of the bay, there is the Markiz Hill. The forests rising from both sides of Adrasan actually make the location of this region more interesting. Those who want to discover historical beauties while hiking can visit Myra, Xantos, Çıralı, Demre, Kaş and Phaselis.
Adrasan, which is 4 km away from Kumluca, is actually defined as the hidden paradise of the Mediterranean. The name of this town, which has the best location to relax, is said to be of Luwian origin. In other words, it is possible to visit this beautiful town, which was defined in history as the Mother Goddess Country, every month except winter months.
Places to Visit in Adrasan
Adrasan Bay: Adrasan bay has recently come to the fore with boat tours. This bay, which is preferred by those who want to stay away from the stress of the city, is adjacent to Çıralı, Gelidonya Lighthouse and Olympos. Therefore, it is in an important position. In addition, this bay includes Suluada boat tours. Those who want to spend a peaceful, quiet time in touch with nature and calm can visit this place.
Mount Musa: There are many ancient ruins on Mount Musa, which is on the border of Adrasan and Olympos. Therefore, it is an ideal place for those who want to discover new places. Located on the route of the Lycian Way, this mountain attracts the attention of those who are most interested in hiking. In addition, when viewed from the bay of Adrasan, it reveals a magnificent view.
Adrasan Stream: Adrasan Stream, which has a magnificent atmosphere, is also home to beautiful bird species. There are also many restaurants and hotels by the creek. You can have a great time on the wooden sitting terraces here, as well as rest your feet in the cool waters of the stream.
Lycian Way: The Lycian Way, which is among the places to visit in Adrasan, starts from Fethiye and passes through Adrasan. The most important feature of the Lycian Way is that it is the first long-distance walking path of our country. There are many tracks on the Lycian road, which reaches up to 535 km at the moment. There are also many reasons to walk the Lycian way. You can visit many ancient cities if you walk the entire Lycian road, where you can see places such as Butterfly Valley, Ölüdeniz, Fethiye, Patara beach and Iztuzu.
Yanartaş: Yanartaş, located near Çıralı, took this name because it burned as a natural fire. Yanartaş, which hosts a magnificent view, should definitely be among the Adrasan travel guides. Also known as the Chimera, this realm is also called Eternal Fire. You can witness a sight that you have never seen at night, as the fire here increases even more on rainy days.
Gelidonya Lighthouse: Located on the Lycian Way, Gelidonya Lighthouse is at an altitude of 227 meters from the sea. This lighthouse, which is among the places to see in Adrasan, is the highest lighthouse of our country. It is known that he has been guiding sailors since 1936. Built by the French in 1934, this lighthouse has unfortunately witnessed many shipwrecks.
Karaöz Pirate Bay: The name of Karaöz Pirate Bay, which is also on the Lycian Way, was mentioned in the book written by Piri Reis in 1521. While this region is not affected by any storm, it is a calm and calm bay. If you want to take a tent holiday, you should definitely visit this bay.
Ulupınar: which is famous for its fish restaurants. Moreover, the rivers flowing under the restaurant has a wonderful view.

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